Indiana Plein Air Painters Association (IPAPA) is pleased to partner with Indiana Landmarks in Painting Indiana III: Heritage of Place.   This book will be the third in a series of successful projects initiated by IPAPA. Painting Indiana: Portraits of Indiana’s 92 Counties was published in 2000 and Painting Indiana II:  The Changing Face of Agriculture was published in 2006.

For this book, members of IPAPA have painted a wide range of historical places throughout Indiana. In November, Steve Doherty, editor of Plein Air magazine juried the 100 paintings for the book.  Rather than select artists for the book, the best paintings were selected for the project.

The book will include a comprehensive essay about plein air painting in Indiana, including specific observations by early artists as well as the challenges of painting on location in the 21st Century.  The book will be written by Rachel Berenson Perry.  The book will also include 15 never-before published works of The Hoosier Group, Richmond School, and other early pioneers of plein air painting.

In anticipation of the book being published in fall of 2013, paintings will premiere at Indiana Landmarks’ new headquarters, Indiana Landmarks Center, September 13, 2013 and then travel in 2014 to several sites throughout the state.  Books and artwork will be sold at all venues of display.  Artists selected for the book will be available for signings throughout the travel schedule.

With all best wishes,

Marsh Davis                                                                 Bill Wissel
President, Indiana Landmarks                                     IPAPA